Refund Policy


Programs & Services
Each new client receives a free 20-minute intake about our programs and services, after which a program proposal is offered to the client via email or verbally.  If the client chooses to move forward with the program, a program waiver and invoice are presented to the client electronically. 

Programs are structured to assist the client in meeting their personal wellness objectives.  Success of the program is dependent upon the client’s commitment to the program and following the instruction provided by their coach.  Upon agreement of the program waiver and acceptance of the initial invoice, Eat Real Food Nutrition completes the clients enrollment in the specific program or service offering. 

About Program Packages:
Program rates include all program plans, food lists, meal plans, consultation, and virtual or in-person meetings. The client is responsible for following program guidelines and instructions intended to support their wellness journey.  Your Food Coach may offer recommendations for additional nutrition products or supplements offered through Eat Real Food Nutrition.  Any products you purchase from Eat Real Food Nutrition is in addition to program pricing.

The products offered by Eat Real Food Nutrition are non-exclusive and generally available through other retail providers.  Eat Real Food Nutrition has selected these products based on their quality and the potential benefits offered for your wellness journey.  We have read every label and believe in the products we supply.  

About Affiliate Products:
From time to time, Eat Real Food Nutrition makes recommendations on select “Affiliate” products.  These products are offered to clients via website links on  Affiliate products mean that Eat Real Food Nutrition receives a small commission on each sale through our website link.  Eat Real Food Nutrition is not the supplier of these products, nor the shipper.  Should you encounter any sub-par experiences with these products, please contact the provider directly.  


All Program purchases are final.  There are no refunds. Either party reserves the right to cancel a Program with 30 days notice and final payment due, accounted for by the payment plan of the program the client accepted. 

​All Product purchases are final.  There are no refunds.  Given the nature of the products being consumable, we are unable to accept returns.  However, if the product is not up to your expectations, you may contact us for a replacement or store credit.


Effective as of March 10th, 2021