Real Food Nutrition Coaching for Sustainable Change

At Eat Real Food Nutrition, a certified nutrition consultant will guide you to enhance your well-being, reach health objectives, and embrace a real-food lifestyle, regardless of how busy you are.

What Are You Struggling With?

We are all aware of how important nutrition is to health, but we just don’t know how to get there with real food in our day-to-day lives.

Health Goals

Not sure where to start or if the focus is on food or exercise first?

Time Management

Do you default to processed foods because they are fast and easy?

Lack of Energy

Drinking too much coffee or energy drinks to get through the day?

Meal Planning

Confused by grocery store choices and don't know where to start?

Hi, I'm Molly, a Certified Nutritionist, Educator, and Coach

Molly Obert, a Certified Nutrition Consultant standing in front of a kitchen counter with Real Food such as fruits and vegetables.
“I will support you every step of the way in developing achievable goals, creating sustainable plans, and teach you to nourish your mind and body with nutrition, whole foods, and more.” - Molly Obert, Founder
A handwritten signature with the word Molly O, representing Molly Obert, a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

I’d like to help you reach better health through sustainable nutrition practices and habit change.

​That is what I have spent my adult life studying, and have earned degrees and certificates in.

With a lifetime dedicated to studying nutrition, I bring together the power of consulting, education, and coaching.

My greatest achievement lies in supporting clients to surpass their goals.

Whether I’m the consultant providing you with the right information, the educator presenting your plan in the way that you learn or the coach understanding the importance of gradual change, I tirelessly seek bridges between your current state and your desired destination.

Gain Control of Your Health and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed!

Real food is necessary for brain and body function. It has the power to heal and prevent disease. Build the nutrition & exercise habits that will unlock a new chapter in your physical & mental well-being.

A young confident woman standing in a sunflower field with her arms raised, enjoying increased energy after eating real food.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Plans to cater to different stages of life and the unique challenges that may arise.

Increase Your Energy Levels

All of offerings are carefully crafted to address various aspects of well-being.

Get Your Confidence Back

Optimize your health and get back on track with all aspects of your personal and work life.

Discover A New You

Nutrition Plans

Is this an elimination diet? Nope. It’s a customized plan especially for you to change your health through the relationship between you and the way you eat. And I’ll help you with that relationship. First, I will wean you off the processed foods, and time for the body to adjust and thank me. Really. You’ll feel it in your whole being. Then you will reintroduce select foods to this new powerful body of yours that will respond to foods that do and don’t add strength to your health. I will further the sustainability of your new foods by balancing meals, portion size and intake timing.

Custom Plan

With an individualized plan curated just for you, I will provide all the necessary resources and guides to support your needs. We will also meet to follow up on how the plan is going and what you may still need from me. Are you ready to embark on this transformative path together? Let's do this!

The Start Plan

Whether you're already eating well but need guidance to get back on track or unsure where to begin, this plan provides expert support tailored to your needs. With practical tools, meal ideas, and ongoing guidance, The START Plan empowers you to make informed choices and build a foundation for long-term success.

The Nutrition Strategy

By investing in this comprehensive strategy, you are paving the way for profound changes in your well-being. Food is the fuel that powers your body and provides the necessary nourishment to think clearly and have sustained energy for optimal functioning. Ready to unlock the potential of real food?

Worker Wellness

Whether your team is six feet from their next work station or six feet from the fridge, it's time to take worker wellness seriously. ​I offer corporate programs online and in person to support team building and great nutrition in the workplace. Ready to learn about and change your nutrition as a team for?

What Molly's Clients are Saying

"I am feeling confident in my knowledge now and enjoy preparing healthy meals. My thoughts have changed from giving up and feeling defeated when I eat sweets or unhealthy food. I am now telling myself, It’s okay, it’s temporary and I will plan healthier meals which last a few days so I have good meals to grab! My breakthrough has been meal prep and charting with food journals!"
Headshot of Connie T. after completing her nutrition plan
Connie T.
"Meeting with Molly was a great reminder that eating well doesn't have to be complicated. It can be simple. She listened to my needs & helped to craft a simple formula that I have easily adapted into my otherwise chaotic life. My takeaways from Molly are things I can incorporate on an ongoing basis, not just "in the now."
Headshot of Kate Pace, a current client of Molly Obert
Kate P.
"Molly researched and helped me navigate my diet with my Hemochromatosis diagnosis. It was really helpful to learn about iron absorption and how to control that with the foods I eat. I love having a resource to get product information, recipe ideas and motivation to make healthy choices. I am more aware of what I am eating and why I am making the changes in my diet."
Headshot of Sandi Becker, a satisfied client
Sandi B
"I have long ago embraced learning and upskilling as a normal part of life and business. My wellness is no different. Molly is an excellent coach and guide as I continue my life long practice to wellness."
Headshot of Patti M. smiling after telling her success story
Patti M.